First Launch Profits Review: Honest Opinions And They’re Not What You Think

Interested in making a full time living on selling your own digital information products? Do you think that the first launch profits training could be your ticket to financial freedom? If so, then don’t buy it without reading this first launch profits review.



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If you have heard about this then you probably know that this is a training program that claims to teach you how to create your own digital products and launch them and make money.

It is true that people who know what they are doing are making tons of money online selling their own digital products, like courses and e-books and training, but if you are brand new to marketing then finding your way in this business is like watching for a needle in a haystack.

I know from personal experience that it can be quite overwhelming with internet marketing because there are so many things that you can do to make money but it is also true that if you don’t follow through on a specific method.. You’re not getting anywhere, and there are so many things to choose from and you don’t know what to stick to that will actually make you the most profit.

Affiliate marketing is one way. Using adsense or collecting leads are other ways. Freelancing, writing articles and sell, there are so many ways to make money online but if you try to do all of them you’re not gonna succeed because you must make one method work before you can venture of to others.

With that said, there could be a solution to the confusion and frustration for the beginning internet market and a VERY LUCRATIVE one! Create your own digital products and sell them.

This information age we live in is very lucrative because time is money and it takes time to figure stuff out on our own, oftentimes we are better off just paying for the information that we need from someone who already knows. that way we can go about our business and know what we need to know and therefore, information products are great to sell.

especially products where the buyer has a problem and needs a solution. If you can provide the information in an e-book or an online training course people happily pay for it because they value the information that they need more than the sum that you charge. It is a win, win!

And people have become multi-millionaires in this business of selling digital courses and e-books. There are “homemade” products sold on clickbank right now that make fortunes, but how could you make any money whatsoever doing this stuff if you are new to this and don’t even know how to research a product to make, let alone create one?

You can learn from someone who is doing it successfully. Now back to review of first launch profits.

What is First launch profits all about?

This internet marketing course has been developed by an internet marketer by the name of Hafsteinn Thordarson. He claims that his first product launch in the past was a success do to the fact that he studied and learned from an expensive instructor (lots of them are). In his first product launch he made some 5000 dollars in the first 6 months and it could have been made quicker had he known what he knows now. He claims that he can teach us how to make our first product launch profitable potentially if we follow the steps he is teaching. I know for a fact that internet marketing is very often possible to replicate and very straight forward.

Sometimes luck plays a part but for the most part, you can crank out a few projects and consistently and reliably have successes but only if you have a system or an approach that works, you can’t really just randomly promote a product of your own or of someone else and consistently make reliable results.

But when I read about this I wasn’t impressed because that is how sales letters typically look. I was skeptical, not completely sure if I believed in it.

Could marketing your own digital products really be that much better than other alternatives of internet marketing to make money?


I have been doing internet marketing for some time now and I have tested all kinds of stuff and I am interested in learning more so I keep researching this program.

One thing that interested me was that he teaches how to automate the sales process once you have made your first product and are ready to sell it, you can advertise it using email marketing and funnels and that is very lucrative.

I could see from his marketing this very course that he knows his business and that made me feel interested in learning even more about this from him.

If you are a complete beginner to online marketing then you wouldn’t have any issues in following this training because it is step by step instructions for us to follow from the very basics to advanced marketing techniques.

A lot of people don’t even try to make a living online because of their lack of technical expertise but if that is your concern then don’t worry, Hafsteinn have made this training very comprehensive and easy to follow for beginners.

I can add that once you get started with online marketing, and you get your feet wet, you begin to understand the fundamentals, then you will also find that you learn more and more of technical stuff kind of by yourself. This training, however, does not require any coding or technical skills from you so you can follow along, from the product research and market portion, all the way to launching and marketing and getting the customers portion.

I also found that this course is not only for beginners but also for more advanced marketers. So if you want to successfully create and release your own information product, maybe you even tried in the past but failed, or you just want your own niche for yourself if you noticed that none sells stuff of value in your niche, then this course could potentially help you make that a reality.

I still wasn’t sure about this. Could it be high quality training?

I have spent lots of time and wasted some money in the past in studying online marketing so I have gotten quite skeptical over the years.

But Hafsteinn Thordarson really have made successful product launches so i knew that he knows what he’s talking about in this regard so i read some more stuff and i was surprised and excited about the fact that his training course (witch is 10 hours long) will teach you how to set up a site, how to find the niche and how to research the product to make, how to market the product, how to make people want to sell your product for you so you make even more money without having to do anything. How to get customers to your page. He will teach you how to make an e book and how to make courses.

Basically I came to realize that this is a total course, it covers EVERYTHING.
By now you might want to know about the features of the program.

What you get if you order this training program.


Like I said, the training is quite extensive. If you were to go and purchase the training today you would get access to an online marketing education of more than 10 hours of video training material on how to set up and run your digital product business from the beginning all the way through.

You would get 46 training’s teaching you the system all the way through. From the very basics, to research, to product creation, to setting up your site, to promoting the product and making it sell.

You will learn how to make affiliate marketers want to sell your product for you, how to drive visitors to your offer. How to automate your business and make money on autopilot through email marketing and funnels. You will learn about everything you need to know to do this and make money.

If you order you will also receive a bonus eBook. It is the first digital product that Hafsteinn Thordarson launched successfully and made money. If will be available for you so you can study it if you want to.

And there’s much more you learn that i haven’t mention but you can go to the web site and have a look yourself if you want to do that now or after you have read this trough.

The downside of this product training course in my opinion is the price. It cost 297$ to go and purchase this training. There are certainly more expensive ones and it is not a lot if you make your investment back quickly in terms of sales but I understand that a lot of beginners seek ways to make money online because they don’t have any money.

I will throw in some bonuses for you so that if you buy the program, and you go ahead and do so through my link. You can send me your order receipt so that I know you did so, and I will send you bonuses that can help you make money online.

Now, what are the pros of this training course?

It is a complete digital marketing education that you get where you learn how to set up your own business online from someone who knows how to do it, someone who’s successfully been doing it and you can potentially do this full-time and say goodbye to your day job.

The training course is made available to us through Clickbank, one of the most well known and trustworthy digital product marketplaces online so it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you buy this training course then you could get your money back if it wasn’t for you.

Bonus material.

Theses two bonus e-books are available to us, all credit to First Launch Profits. I have them myself and I can give them to you as an additional bonus to his training course.. If you want them from me then I´ll send them to you within 24 hours. Just send me your receipt number in the “contact Us” box to the right, and I will personally send you these two e-books, no problem.





Who would I say that this training is for?

I would say that this product is for you who really are serious about starting an online business selling your own products and who are willing and determined to do what has to be done in order to succeed. There is work involved with running your own business but it is well worth it when the money starts rolling in and you are self employed and you are doing well. If you are already an internet marketer who wants to know how to successfully launch your own e-book or course then this training could potentially increase your chances of success by a long shot, because the trainer has done it and he is now teaching his method for those who are serious about this and willing to go there.

By now, you might want to go and buy first launch profits or learn more about it. You can do so a at the official website.

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