The 3 Week Diet Review: Is It Another Scam?

As we all know by now, the weight loss industry is enormous and there are tons of different products to choose from that promise to teach you how to get fit, some work, many do not. If you feel like you want to lose some weight and if you have heard of this diet and fitness program then this review of the 3 week diet program is for you. We will go over what this is all about and if you are asking, does the 3 week diet work or is it a scam and a waste of money? Then you will find out now so if you feel interested then keep reading. (I want to add that if you want to buy the three week diet system you can do so with a coupon and get a big discount by going here so don’t buy it without a coupon.)

Do you have a weight problem? Would you like to lose a few pounds over the next few weeks? Could this system help you achieve your desired outcome? Let’s find out.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems in the western world, lots of people are overweight these days and it is not only because people don’t get as much movement as they use to, do to the fact that we have cars and computers that keep us sitting and occupied, but it is also because of how we eat these days and because of the culture of the west (more so in some countries than others) people don’t really know what a healthy and good diet really is. Or they don’t know, just how unhealthy the food they are being sold REALLY is.

In my opinion, if you need to lose more than 80 pounds you should seek out a professional hypnotherapist. (find one who specializes in regression to cause because if you are severely overweight you need different help than what I am about to talk about here) but if you want to lose 6 to 12 pounds over the next month than this review that I am writing here now is for you so keep reading.

What is the 3 week diet and who is its maker?

This is a fat loss system that was created by Brian Flatt, a trainer and nutritionist, and has been a bestseller (as some of the other Brian Flatt diet programs also have been) and a lot of people report that this system has worked for them. the author claims that his program will allow you to burn one pound per three days for twenty one days and if you don’t know, that is completely possible and not a far fetched claim. In fact you can lose 2 to 3 pounds per week, so losing 7 to 9 pounds in 3 weeks is perfectly plausible and not a scam.

What do you get if you buy this diet and workout plan ?

 If you get it, you will receive four digitally accessible products right after purchase that make up a system that potentially could help you lose some weight fast and they are as follows –

The introduction manual.

this is the first 3 week diet pdf to read. It talks about the fundamentals of the program and gives step by step procedures to lose weight and remain fit. In that manual you get a course to follow on the correct nutrients that should help you get fit in three weeks, or at lest be well on your way, become healthier and have more energy from increasing your body’s metabolism.

The workout manual. 

It teaches you how to workout to lose weight simply by 20 minutes of exercise per day three to four days a week. It helps to do some exercise to lose weight in a time frame like 3 weeks but you don’t have to become the hulk, just get some movement.

The diet manual.

This pdf gets rid of all the guesswork when it comes to what to eat. It will teach you how to create your own meal plan based on your body type and you will know how and when to eat and how much to eat, so you know how to diet to lose weight and keep the changes that you accomplish long term.

The mindset and motivation manual.

Weight loss is largely mental and this manual will help you create the mental attitude that you will need to make your weightless goal a reality and to stay focused and motivated on your journey. This manual teaches you how to make that winners mindset your own.

When put together, these manuals make a complete, step by step system that can generate lasting and real results with your fat loss. And benefit you in many other aspects of your life.

The not so good side of it.

You might need some training equipment and put in some work to get results. You will need to exercise to follow the curriculum. (while possible to slim down on a weight loss diet only, you will get fast results exercising). Some recommendations in the program are not something I would use, for example fat loss supplements, or nicotine gum. No videos, only written material.

The good side of it.

It has worked for lots of people, there are many reviews of the 3 week diet system out there where people report how it worked for them so chances are it could work for you too. It is quite cheap (especially with a quite BIG discount coupon). It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you for some reason didn’t like it you could get your money back if you really wanted to.

Is the three week diet system a scam?

No, it is not a scam, you will actually get a product if you make a purchase and you will actually get a refund if you want it. This system is available through clickbank and it is a trusted company that has been around for many years. When it comes to content, is it a scam that you can lose up to 9 pounds in 21 days? No, it is possible to lose some weight over a 3 week time frame if you actually put in the work.

What is the price of this product?

The cost of this product right now is 47$ (Without a discount).

If you have any known medical conditions then this might not be for you, or at least you should talk to your doctor because, of course,  following this system requires some dietary and lifestyle changes.

Do I Recommend it?

A lot of people have used it and many report their success story’s from following it but of course, everybody is different. What works wonders for you might not work for someone else and vice versa. Really though, Can you get fit in 3 weeks? that depends on what you weight right now and how many pounds you would need to lose, you can however lose the amount of weight that the author claims to teach you achieve. I am more comfortable recommending this program then I would be, recommending a fat loss pill. There can be no negative side effects from this and you are actually paying for an education.

I am not certain that I would recommend this product at the price of 47$ but with the discount coupon I do recommend it, It can be worth the price and more depending on your perspective and desire to lose some weight. If you don’t have the money, or the desire to pay for knowledge and education on how to eat and exercise to lose weight, then you could always stop consuming processed sugar and go get a gym card, people burn excess fat for free all the time.

If you are a female who would like something other than this program then you can read this review of a weight loss products for females specifically if you would like to.

​The following images are before and after pictures from the products website. These are some users who have benefited from this program according to them.






To conclude this review.

Thousands of people have used Brian Flats weight loss programs over the years and there are countless testimonials out there of how it has worked for people. A three-week span is more realistic to see some real results than, let’s say, half a day. (clue Don’t buy the half day diet it is not worth the money), and if you want to lose 6 to 10 pounds over the next few weeks that is realistically attainable. you can learn how to get fit in 30 days, even less. depending of course on how much weight you need to lose. If you feel that you would like to lose some weight, then this program could potentially help you do so.

By now you might want to go and have a look at the website if you haven´t yet. If you buy it now then I have a SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU, If you go and order the program trough my Link then you will get a 10$ discount. You can use this today and get the program for 27$ instead of 37$ so you save some money!


That concludes my 3 week diet program review. I hope that you found this useful. If you feel interested in this system then i suggest that you click on this video and watch it to find out more about it.

if you want some free advice on how to set goals and motivate yourself correctly then you can check out this article about how to lose weight successfully and quickly.

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