BeFinallyFit Review: Is This Fat Loss System For Women A Scam?

This is a weight loss program that supposedly can help you lose 1 pound of body fat every 72 hours. Is that possible or is it a waste of time? Find out the answer in this BefinallyFit Review. WARNING: Make sure you read to the end because I have special stuff for you. Don’t miss it!
be finnaly fit

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This diet, fitness, and weight loss system is primarily for women and it has been designed for women by a woman. if you are a guy who needs a system to follow for fast weight reduction, or if you are female and would rather want another program then you can read this review of the 2 week diet which is another complete fat loss system to follow in, step by step for fast results.

Have you noticed how many different weight loss products there are out there? It makes me wonder, how many of them are really effective at all? It seems that people have to go from diet to diet to try to weed through all the nonsense. Have you been on a diet lately? Did it work as you had hoped? Are you a female?

If you are then you might be trying to lose weight with systems and methods that are geared towards men more so than females and there are big anatomical differences between men and women.

It is well known that men and women are different, some people might even take offense to that statement but it doesn’t matter because it is what it is… According to the creator of this fat loss program, one of the main reasons that YOU might be overweight despite having been on and off diets, could be because of male-female differences.

If you have tried to burn fat with methods that aren’t for you, then it wasn’t your fault that it didn’t work. So what are some of the differences between genders when it comes to weight loss and metabolism?

Generally, women have more body fat than men, quite a lot actually, 6 to 11% more body fat and women also have less muscle mass than men, 2/3  muscle mass, so females have less fat burning tissue. So men have a faster metabolism rate than females up to 10% according to the author of this program. But it is a known fact to others also, you can read more about the topic right here if you like.

Women also tend to crave foods that you gain weight from, simply because of the drop of serotonin for women before their period. Women crave carbohydrates. Therefore, women would need a fat loss program that is tailored to women’s anatomy to be more effective.
When I first heard that this diet and weight loss program was specifically for women, I thought that it sounded like BS, but when I looked into it, it began to make sense. Now, If you would like to know as a female, what to eat, how and when to eat in order to get fit fast then this fat loss system could be something for you, but maybe not and I tell you why later.

What is the BefinallyFit system?

This is a weight loss product for females specifically and it has been created by Helde Van Berg, she is a certified fitness instructor, weight loss consultant, personal trainer, and co-owner of a health and fitness center and she has more than 15 years of experience so she is an expert.

She has made this program which is a step by step- easy to follow weight loss system that is scientifically supported and it has helped lots of women, in fact, 1000´s of females to lose weight and she says “in a pace that they never had taught was possible”.

The author says “just 28 days to the body you´ve always wanted” on the official website. But the results can vary, and what works for one person might not work the same way for the next. Also, you would have to implement the system to see any results.
The program teaches how to start burning body fat in seven days and then continues to lose 1 pound every 72 hours. It also helps to lose weight on your face and lower jowl, and it helps if you want to lose belly fat. Following the system, you would also build muscle.
This diet system is quite easy for people to follow and integrate into their lifestyle and it doesn’t require any weight loss supplements like pills or extracts etc. The ingredients that you would need are available at your local grocery store so it is easy. If you follow the 28-day eating strategy in the e-book you could potentially learn how to get fit in a month.
I say potentially because if you need to lose a lot of weight then it will take longer than a month. According to the author of this program, you will begin to burn fat in 7 days of using the program.
This is a digital product so it is only available through the internet. If you were to get the program today then you would get it today, it is available with instant access through Clickbank. The training is in e-book and video format.

Here is what users get.

bff weight loss for life – It begins with a, to the point, simple to comprehend explanation and description of the female body uniqueness and why mainstream diets sometimes don’t work for females to lose weight.
It then goes on to provide a guide, step by step, on how to eat to lose weight for females, a day by day eating strategy that is unique and removes the guesswork. You will know  when and what to eat and it also teaches different food combinations that will help females burn fat naturally.

You also get a bonus of 25 meal recipes that are recommended in the diet plan.


bff tighten and tone – This handbook teaches how to exercise to tone up your fysiq and it doesn’t require more than 20 minutes or so per exercise and you can do so 3 days per week if you want to.

It is not just a book but you also have access to training videos on how to exercise. And the author says, they made with this in mind “minimum effort – maximum results”

Bff Success Mindset – This is a manual that helps you with the mental game. It is largely mental, you need to have the drive and motivation to stick to a program long enough to see the results, and sometimes it can get frustrating.

This book can supposedly give you a new way of thinking about food, your body, yourself, and your health. It can help you have the proper mindset for success.


Bff sexy body maintenance – this handbook helps you make sure that the weight you lose will not come back, it is to make sure that you maintain your results and stay true to the be finally fit philosophy and that is “maintain, not gain!” It is step by step instructions that can help you keep your “sexy” results.

The program also comes with BONUSES. And exclusive gifts right now at the time of writing this at least it could be gone tomorrow I don’t know).
here are some of the bonus products that you could get.

bonus 1


bonus 2


bonus 3

By now, you might wonder what the price of this weight loss program for women is. The cost of Be Finally Fit system is currently $47. It is available through the Clickbank marketplace so it also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
You can
 head over the official website and learn more. You can also buy it there with the bonuses and gifts but first, I would suggest that you check out my offer for you at the bottom of this post.

Is BeFinallyFit a scam?

The answer to that question is, No. This is not a scam. If you order this program you will receive it. And it has worked for others, you can read testimonials. If you implement the system then you can see results too.


  • It is specifically designed for women so it is not for you guys.
  • It is promoted as a 28-day solution but if you are obese, 28 days will not be sufficient so this is more for you who want to get fit and look hot in 2019. If you are obese you can follow the program but it can take months to get fit.
  • It is only available in digital format.


  • It is designed for rapid weight loss for women and it is built with the female anatomy and hormones in mind so it is different than conventional diets.
  • It is a complete system that can potentially help you lose weight in just 28 days and maintain your results over time.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee so you could get your money back if you wanted.
  • It comes with exclusive bonuses.
  • The trainer is an expert with years of experience and the program has helped women to lose weight.

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