VidBox Review: Here Is What I Really Think!

This is a VidBox Review so if you are interested in this app then read on get this information about it because this might surprise you!

If you communicate with your visitors through videos on your website then you know that for example, youtube videos have ads on the video when your visitors paus it.

This is frustrating because oftentimes, they click away to another video before doing what you are trying to have them do through your video. It also looks bad when it obviously shows that you are using youtube. 

What is Vidbox all about?

This is an app that lets users customize their videos that they put up on youtube so that it looks more professional and to increase conversions and even calls when visitors the content that users promote.

It allows users to add social sharing options to your videos and even access to make phone calls to you as visitors are watching your videos.

It allows users to split test videos and track the conversion rates to find which ones convest the best.

This is a video software for marketers to skyrocket their efficiency and conversions through videos.

There are no hosting costs because you simply upload your videos to youtube but you can then take the link to the app and modify it so that the video looks better, more professional and add all kinds of cool stuff to it to increase efekt.

It also has a pixel in the video that allows users to track visitors with facebook and then users can retarget the viewers through facebook retargeting so it is very useful for users who advertise on facebook.

it also lets users autoplay videos when visitors land on your page. Some browsers don't allow for autoplay but this app lets users have videos autoplay on mute, and if the person who lands on your website clicks the display of your video, the video starts over and unmutes so it is a slick tool if you rely on VSL to increase conversions.

It is very easy to use this, all you have to do is take your video link after uploading your video to youtube, past the link into the Vid-Box interface.

Then customize your settings for the video and how you want it to play and then post your embedded code of the video to your own website and it is up.

You can also add clickable calls to action and social sharing buttons.

You can also easily upload your own custom thumbnails to the videos.

VidBox App Demo.

Here is a demonstration of the software you can check out.

Who Is The Vendor Of This Product?

The name of the Vendor is Alex Costan

What does it cost?

The price of this product is $37.
It is now available through WarriorPlus.

Who Is it for?

Internet marketers who use videos for promotion and marketing.

Marketers who advertise on facebook and want to do retargeting on their video viewers.

Anyone who wants to keep viewers on their site and not leek traffic to related videos or youtube.

My Thoughts on it.

It is a brilliant app that allows users to do all sorts of useful things to increase conversion and get the most out of every viewer. It is easy to use and well worth the investment.

It will allow you to maximize your influence with your visitors, you they will not have the option to click away other than on a link that you provided, the YouTube related videos and brand logo are not there and you can instead add your own links like social media links or what you want to send them to.

I think this app is brilliant because it lets users modify their videos to keep visitors watching, or sending them where you want them to go, it lets users track their viewers conversion rates between videos, it has a facebook pixel that allows users to retarget their viewers with facebook retargeting ads, while at the same time hosting your videos with youtube. 


if you are an internet marketer and you want to increase conversions and track your viewers to do facebook retargeting later on, if you want to be able to influence your viewers to take action or follow you on social media instead of having the alternative of leaving to youtube or related videos displaying for their eyes, then this app might be for you.

It is user friendly and provides users with all kinds of cool options to maximise impakt and efficiency on each viewer that watch your videos, or have your videos autoplay even on visitors with chrome or safari browsers. It autoplays on mute but if the click on the video the sound comes on. It can drastically make your videos more effective.

There are no bandwith limits and no hosting costs involved since you upload videos to youtube.
By now, you might want to head over to the official website and find out more about it where you also can buy the product if you want to do so.


Voicematic Reivew: Is This Software The Right For You?

This is a voicematic review for those of you who want to find out more information about this before you make a decision if this is the software for you so keep reading and find out more about this and checkout the bonuses below.

If you are a marketer who take calls from customers or help clients with their customers, or if you want voice messages to be an option for your leads then you might already know that it is time consuming and tedious to get that done in person and it cost money and requires time and energy to hire people to do it, you would have to educate them and communicate with your staff on how to get their job done.

It would be so much easier for anybody to automate the whole process and do it yourself or at least run the operation yourself from one software, and now you can do that- you can automate the whole process and it is easy to do so with this app so let's get to the review of of this product.

What is Voicematic all about?

As far as I know, this is the very first AI-powered voice responder and voice funnel creation software that users can manage and get leads and contacts to convert into sales.

And it is automated so you don't even need to speak to them in person.

So users can set up pre-configured voice messages and reconnect or connect with all the missed calls, or incoming calls without dialing, it is automated.

Now, I am sure that marketers can see how this could impact their way of doing business!

The software is equipped with various useful features like call tracking, Unlimited text into speech, the ability to handle the accounts of several clients, get call status of connected calls, and more.

Who made this software?

the co- owner and also, creator of this software is Guillermo Mata.
and the other co-owner is Ope Banwo; also behind DocStudioFx.

Who is this fore?

This is for internet marketers and salespeople who want to automate voice messages to convert their contacts into whatever. Sales, signups, trials.

This is for marketers who want to automate and build voice funnels with this sort of artificial intelligence to skyrocket efficiency.

This is for people who deal with clients over the phone frequently and want ways to automate and scale their business without having to hire employees.

What do you get?

Voicematic box cover
Users of this software can create an unlimited amount of voice responder automatic messages and schedule calls to follow up using the drag n drop (software) calendar and have the messages delivered to your contacts without having to call them in person, it is completely automated.

Automatically track and get instant analytics on  inbound and total outbound calls for your business.

Users do not need to be highly teknikal, it is a drag n drop type of software. Easy to use. So anybody can use this software to create automated voice funnels.

Create follow-up voice-based marketing campaigns for your own business or for  local business clients and charge massively for it

users can make an unlimited amount of text to speech messages (it is a cloud-based app) so you can then store them for later when it would be appropriate to send them out.

Internet marketers can also make an additional income stream out of this by selling services to clients using this software, and full commercial rights are included.

What does it cost?

This cost of this product is $42.
Is is available trough JvZoo.

Here is a video demonstration of this software where you can see more and get a better understanding of what this is, the guy talking is the creator of this product.

Bonuses If you buy through My Link.

Thinking of ordering this software?
If so, here are bonus products for you to sweeten the deal!
If you were to decide to buy this product through my affiliate link then you would receive the following bonus products after you do so. 


 Keyword Research Ninja.

This is a keyword research software tool that can help you find money makers and rank them with relative ease.


Instant Content Creator.

This is a software that can easily help you create articles that you can post on your blog or other places to promote your business. it helps you automate article writing and the software is easy to use.

So how do you get your bonus?

Simply order the product through my link and you will find that the bonus softwares are included in the order so you will receive it automatically through JVZoo. If there are any problems with receiving your bonuses, just send me an email using the contact form beneath, including your order receipt and I will send you your bonuses personally.

If you do not order this product through my link you will not receive instant content creator or keyword research ninja because they are not inclusive with voice matic but potential bonus products.

If you don't buy this product today then you can bookmark this page and come back later and get it with these bonuses.


It's an AI powered software that's been brilliantly designed to automate voice messages for users so they can help their clients or themselves and make their business more efficient.

Users of this can certainly maximise and scale their businesses on their own with this software and automatic voice messages. The software is easy to use, anybody can drag and drop and set up these campaigns so any market who takes calls (or wishes to begin doing so) and wants to provide good services to their customers and contacts can benefit enormously from this. Users can really maximise their leads, their contacts and messages with this software.

If you have been looking for an automated solution to contact management, prospect follow-up, and lead converversion via phone then this software is for you. it will have the tedious and time consuming work of following up manually replaced with an automation process where you don't have to lift a finger after setting it up.

users can create an unlimited amount of text into speech messages to use in different campaigns and promotions, and the AI bots sound quite good so people will most likely appreciate services. If you have been looking for a good voice autoresponder then this app might be for you.

It is a AI voice platform so not only is it a voicemail app, a call tracking tool or a text to speech software but also a voice funnels creator, and voice autoresponder that can drastically reduce your amount of time and work to get even more out of what you put in.

I recommend this software.

by now,  If you want to find out more about this you can go ahead and visit the official website where you also can buy this product.


StockNation 2.0 Review: Is this platform the right for you?

This is a stocknation 2.0 review so if you want to know more about this platform then read on and get the information you need to make an informed decision to buy this or not.

As you probably already know, Bloggers, internet markers and content publishers frequently need new content to create their material with and it can be time consuming to search for HQ content to use.

It is also a known fact that we can't just take whatever videos or images that we like and upload it or edit it but you must have the right to edit and use the content so that you do not violate copyright laws.

There are many places to buy stock images and videos on the internet, some are better than others. Often times you find the same stuff on different sites and sometimes the prices are ridiculous.

So, if you want to use videos and images safely then you need to use stock videos or images. stock content can legally be reused and that is where this platform comes in so let's get to the review.

What is StockNation 2.0?

This is a membership platform that gives users access to 25000 stock videos that we can use on our blogs and websites or promotional material without any problems.

It is a searchable library and a SAAS app. The videos made available are high quality videos not available all over the web like free stock material tend to be, but original good quality content that users can edit and utilize as they wish.

Inside the website, users can also use an editor to edit the movies and make them just right for whatever we want to use them for.

There are also other things inside like images, audio, and more.

Inside the membership are, you have everything organized and you can use the search bar to find what you want. Or click the category button. The site is easy to use.

But in a nutshell, it is a membership site that provides thousands of stock videos and materials that members can use freely.

Who made the product?

The product creators of this product are Roshni Dhal, Gaurav Madaan and Vipul Garg.

What do you get if you buy it?

I have had a look at the inside of the website and you get to select a wide variety of stuff by pressing the buttons on the site and they are (at the time of writing this) Photos, Videos, Audios, Vectors, Illustrations, Editor.

The video Editor that users get access to on the site lets you do all the basic things you would want to do with your videos.

It is a built-in app on the website that members can use to edit the videos right there so you also get a video editing app.

All the Full High Definition videos are 100% royalty free.

It is also a totally cloud based app so you have access to all the videos and images you need and it is right there where you can collect them whenever you like 24/7, so it is not a zip file to download.

Who is it for?

This is for anyone who needs stock videos and images. Bloggers, internet marketers, and anybody who uses videos and graphics frequently and who could use a wide variety of HQ videos.

It has a built in video editing software so if you don't have software to edit clips then it is for you.

It is very easy to use so anyone can use it no matter your technical expertise.

What does it cost?

The price of this is $37.
It is a one time fee so users pay once, and can then use the services of the site whenever they like.
The platform is available through


This platform has tons of content to use, of high quality and the videos are not available everywhere so you can find great looking graphics and videos to use for your promotional material or your blog or whatever you do on a daily basis that could use stock videos and images.

The membership website (at the time of writing this) looks good, clean and easy to browse and the video editor is quite easy to use.

A platform like this is a valuable resource and a real time saver if you are an internet marketer or if you produce and publish content frequently on the internet. You can easily search out and find the images or videos that suit your needs so that you can go ahead and get some work done.

I recommend this product to anyone who uses stock videos, images and content frequently. By now, you might want to go and get it or learn more about it, you can do so by clicking here.


InstaZign Review: Is This The Right Graphics Design Software For You?

If you have read or heard about this software and want more information about it then read this instazign review and find out more so that you can make an informed decision before deciding whether to buy it or not.

software cover

As an internet marketer or content producer it can be very time consuming and sometimes expensive to make attractive graphics for promotional material or to promote your offers or website on social media. If you make the graphics yourself then it is time consuming to make images of different sizes for different social media sites or different placements on your web site, and HQ images require (often) designer skills and expensive software.

And if you are outsourcing graphic designs you pay for the job done by others and oftentimes, it ain't exactly what you had hoped for, it can be cheap for example if you use fiver. But if you want to be in full control of your designs and have them come out just the way you want, that can be a hassle.

But if you want to be able to make designs with just 1 click of all different sizes and create stunning graphics with little or no designer expertise then this software might be something for you.

What is InstaZign?

This is a software that lets users create beautiful and compelling graphics with just the click of a button and the best part about it in my opinion is that with 1 click you can create multiple versions of the created image in different sizes so that you can create a wide variety of sizes quickly to either sell, or place on your site. It also has other features that you can use to make images and design banners and graphics for your website or promotional material and it is easy to use.

Who made the software?

The Vendor of this software is Brett Ingam et al. He has released products in the past like Animaytor, Pixamattic and SociFeed.

What do you get?

Users get an AI powered software that anyone can use to make attractive and engaging content in a very rapid and efficient way.

Attention grabbing and beautiful images and content designed for users of the software at the click of a button, automatically so it is primarily in my opinion) for business people.

Users can make graphics for things like viral posts, banner ads, blog banners, social media graphics for your profile and channel, and cover photos for your offers. And fast and automatic graphic designs with symbols and signs.

What I like the most about this software is that it is automatically done for you, so if you made a banner image, then by the click of a button, it is instantly created in several different sizes so you have the vertical and horizontal, and the box banner and more to choose from. It drastically saves users time.

Who is it for?

This software is for anybody who regularly needs beautiful graphics and many different fonts and sizes, if you blog and constantly add new content and need graphics to go with it, this software can help you.

If you are an internet marketer and you need to create attractive and persuasive images for banners and infographics, then this software can help you get more done with less work and you can do it yourself without being a graphics designer and without needing to outsource the job from a designer which can get needlessly expensive over time.

If you sell graphics on places like Fiverr etc then this software can take your logo and graphics business to a whole nother level. This program is easy to use and makes the creation of banners and graphics quick.

What does it cost?

instazign box cover

The price of this graphics design software i $37.
It will be available trough witch is a known and trusted online marketplace.


When you are a blogger or into Internet marketing, be it affiliate marketing or selling your own products, you need to make a good impression on your visitors so that they stick to this page and keep reading what you have to offer or say, and hopefully convert to a sale or whatever you try to do.

If you need a good graphics design software so that you don't need to outsource your graphics, or spend all day making images for your blog, social media, or promotional material then this software can help you out.

It is easy to use and there are lots of different features to the software that makes graphic design fast and stunning.

I would recommend this software to any online entrepreneur or blogger who uses designated graphics frequently as part of their promotion of content or offers.

I would also recommend it to anyone who creates graphic designs to sell to clients as it makes the job automatic to create a variety of different sizes of banners and images.

by now, you might want to go and check out the website where you also could go ahead and buy the software if you would like to do so.


Virtual Entrepreneurs Association Review: info about VEA

Price: Free Trial for 14 days right here.

If you have heard of this membership platform and it has peaked your curiosity and you want some more information about this then you probably want to read this VEA review trough and find out what you need to know about this and where you can get a FREE trial of the platform.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners like us (if you are one), often need more money!

More money to invest into our business, more money to spend in our lives as well. And it is a known fact that what creates economic growth is not consumption, but savings and investing. 

When you have more savings, you also have more money to invest in equipment etc, which leads to more economic growth.

Everyday life costs money and sometimes we have to spend more money than we want to (or can for that matter if we are just starting out). If one could only get discounts and deals on things we buy on a daily basis, we could save more. And if we could get business resources for discounted prices it wouldn't hurt anyone!

Well that leads in to my review of this particular product which (among other things) provides its members with discounts and deals on thousands of things, so let's get to it.

What is Virtual Entrepreneurs Association about?

It is a membership resource and it is a community platform for entrepreneurs and home-based business owners that gives its members access to discounts, tools and resources to help members learn how to become better entrepreneurs and businessmen and to help them reach higher levels of their entrepreneurship.

It helps small business owners out with discounts on a personal and business level to bring down the daily expenditures. Discounts on entertainment, travel costs, dining and other things. So it is beneficial for any business owner.

Aside from allowing its members to save money on the things they buy and need, VEA also provides access to world class training, education, marketing, education material, business mentorship and community support to help its members to reach higher levels of success and benefits in life and business.

Who made it?

Daven Michaels is the owner of this platform and he has been an entrepreneur for decades and has started many companies and a few of them have been multi-million dollar businesses. He has had the best selling products out there and he is reputable.

What do you get?

They have negotiated 671.000 discounts exclusively for their members so users get save money (hundreds of dollars per month on the sort of things that you need and buy anyway).

Members can use discounts on business, shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, movies and stuff like business services and advertising software from reputable and big brands.

Here are some discounts members get access to.

500,000 Hotel Properties.
There are more than 55,000 Restaurants.
13,000 Entertainment Options.
35,000 Movie Theaters.
33,000 Shopping Offers.
35,000 Business & Personal Services.

save money

Including some world wide famous names like office depot, target, avis, budget, hellofresh and more and many businesses are providing special deals to members to VEA also.

members also get access to a large network of business owners and you get support like mentorship calls weekly, networking events, and a community of entrepreneurial people and that sort of suport can make all the difference.

Through the platform, members can get access to help like, getting connected to business loans, lines of credit and investors that can help entrepreneurs start and run their business so if someone needs a start up capital it might be the place to look for it. Members also get connected to other financial options inside the membership program.

Who is this membership platform for?

It is suitable for business owners of any sort of business since it provides discount deals for such a wide variety of stuff.

Anybody who runs a business could use discounts to reduce their daily costs.

Anybody who could benefit from top-tier business education and a community.

A beginner who needs mentorship and help to avoid the pitfalls that others have had to work through the hard way.

What is the price of joining the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association?

Try it for free for 14 days.
$197 for a year.
$97 for six month.


this is a membership platform that provides its members with hundreds of thousands of discount deals that can make life easier for any small business owner.

It also provides mentorship, educational materials and resources that can help you out with your business as well as a community to connect with.

Members can learn about entrepreneurship from high level business men and increase their own success by learning from others. And there are many more resources for the people who sign up with the program.

If you are interested in this then I would recommend that you go ahead and take advantage of the free trial while it lasts and see for yourself if you like it. If you do then become a member long term.

You can go and sign up for your free trial right here.


Commission Funnels Review: Information To Know Before Buying

This is a commission funnels review so if you are interested in learning more about this software then keep reading and find out what this is about so that you can make an informed decision before you decide to buy or not.

If you are into digital marketing then you probably know that bonus presell pages and funnels are very lucrative and important parts of marketing and generating sales but it is time consuming to make presell pages and bonus pages manually so automation is important.

If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing then it can be hard to create bonus pages and pre-sell effectively if you don't know how to do it correctly.


This is a software that lets users automate the process of creating bonus pages and thank you pages, and it uses the outline that high converting affiliates use to make sales so it can help beginners to make bonus pages that convert well.

The creator of this is Glynn Kosky. He has released several successful products for marketers in the past.

It is a cloud based software that allows users to make effektive presell bonus pages without having to do much, simply put in some information that you want to tell the potential customer and your affiliate link and it is done so it has been created to make it as simple as possible for users to make attractive high converting bonus and thank you pages that can be used to build your funnel to capure leads and send emails with your email autoresponder software and maximise conversions.

Users get access to ten packages of thank you pages and bonus pages that can be used to boost sales and conversions and have been used successfully in the past.

Users of of this software get access to Ten professionally designed, high converting bonus and thank you pages with high converting features like video reviews and demos, and you can choose to add a visual timer to create a sense of urgency to buy now.

They are already made for the user so all that is required is to add some info and your link to them and they are ready to sell.

What do you get if you buy commission funnels?

app cover2
Users get a Cloud-based app bonus page building software that, by the click off a button, makes effective bonus and thank you pages.

You get a wide variety of different templates of pages to choose from so you can automate your sales with all inclusive affiliate marketing campaigns and the simplicity and the speed of using it makes it suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

The app is designed to mimic the exact method that top affiliates use to make six figures yearly.

Who is this app for?

This is completely beginner friendly so it doesn't matter what level of expertise you have, it can be used by anyone.

This is for anyone who promotes any sort of offer, be it your own course or affiliate offers.

Professionals who want to save time using an automated bonus and thank you page creator.

Beginners who want to utilize high converting bonus presell pages easily.

What is the price?

$19.95 during launch but the price will then go up.

It is available to buy through as well as warrior+.


If you are an affiliate marketer then collecting leads and making sales on the back end is extremely important because you lose out a lot if you don't have an effective funnel inplace. The problem is that if you are a beginner you might not know how to make a bonus and thank you pages that convert to sales so this software can remove that obstacle for you so that you can start pushing highly converting bonus pages without having to go through the trial and errors of what works and what doesn't.

If you are experienced then you might not have the time to sit and manually make the pages yourself, automation is a big relief for an internet marketer so it can help you out and save you time so that you can make more money doing other things.

this app automate the process and make it fast and easy, and the bonus page builder software has different high converting pages to choose from so users can test and see what works best for them.

The software utilizes methods that professional affiliate marketers use to make lots of conversion into sales and the software doesn't require much work to run, users can simply add some information and the link to the ofer and the bonus page will be created for you. That will certainly allow you to get more done with less work.

This app can help internet markets build funnels and make more money online and it is simple to use.

By now, you might want to go and check out the official website and find out more where you also can buy the product if you want to do that.


MailSniper Review: Is This Email Autoresponder Any Good?

If you are an internet marketer or blogger who needs an autoresponder to connect with your people and this email autoresponder caught your attention, then keep reading this MailSniper review through and discover what this is all about.

There are many email responders out there to choose from, some better than others, some more expensive than others so it can be confusing to know which one to go with, especially if you are new to this.

Email marketing is, however, one of the best tools in an internet marketer's arsenal - it can make all the difference by having a large responsive list of potential customers, so it is well worth getting a good email responder service.

I have used aweber and getresponse in the past (as well as others) and good email marketing software tend to cost, especially if you want to send out to large lists of people, it can cost hundreds of dollars per month. oftentimes you have to upgrade your plan when your list grows and you need to send more emails out and the diference in prices can be significant.

In that respect, this is a great alternative as it isn't that expensive and you can send emails to as many contacts as you want without any additional costs and without any monthly fees.

What is MailSniper?

This is an email automation software that allows the user to send emails automatically directly to their contacts inbox and the user can send an unlimited amount of emails.

Often times there's a cap on how many emails you can get sent per day, or require an upgrade to a more expensive plan in order to send larger volumes of emails out.

This software has been made on uptodate technologies such as RabbitMQ, NgINX, Node and Js, which result in rapid and effective websites and delivery.

The Creators of this software are  Sheryar Khan, and Dawood khan.
And it is (will be) available through

It includes email templates that have a good conversion rate and it also includes an inline editor that's easy to use so beginners to email automation can use the editor to make their own emails compelling and engaging.

It is a email marketing solution that provides the user with everything they will need to set up and run a successful internet marketing email campaign.

Here are some of the included features for users:

  • You can store and send unlimited autoresponder emails to your contacts.
  • You can send unlimited broadcasts without any restrictions.
  • This includes a spam score checker which allows users to edit their mail before sending and reduce the risk of ending up in the spam box.
  • It is GDPR can-spam compliant so there are no spam problems.
  • You can export and import unlimited contacts so you don't lose your leads. (the ability to export contacts is important should you want to use another email marketing tool in the future)
  • it includes email template ready made that are high converting that can help users get a higher open rate and higher conversion rate.
  • It includes drag and drop template editors which make it easy for users to make emails to send, even for beginners.
  • Security and regular back ups so your email campaigns won't be lost.
  • And also, a step by step training in video format is also included so users can skip fumbling and get to the marketing.
  • The software is fully cloud-based so users will not have to install anything.

And there are many more features, I just mentioned some of the most important ones that are included in it.

Users pay a one time fee for the software so there are no monthly fees and that (to my knowledge) is unique, usually you would have to pay monthly for the service.

Who is it for?

email marketing
This software would be recommended to anyone who wants an email autoresponder that has good tools and is unlimited.

You can do the basic stuff that you would want an autoresponder for and more, but you will not be bound to pay monthly fees and you will not risk getting your account suspended since it is a software and not a service provided by a big email autoresponder provider.


Email marketing is very lucrative and it is an important part of any internet business, be it affiliate marketing, selling your own courses, or whatever you do online that requires customers. Having an email list allows you to instantly reach potential customers no matter what you try to promote. There is the old saying "the money is in the list" and that is quite true.

If you are a blogger, or internet marketer in need of an email autoresponder to start getting leads to reach with news or advertisement then this cloud based software can be what you are looking for.

By now you can head over to the web-site and find out more about the features of this software. You can also go ahead and buy it there if you want to do so.


Video App Suite Review:Video Software To Buy?

If you are interested in this video editing software then read this video app suite review to the end and find out what you need to know so you can make an informed decision to buy or not.

video app suite

Making professional high quality videos can be complicated depending on which software you use. and software for professional video editing can be quite expensive also.

This video software is unique for its features and also for the fact that it has never been released like this before. it provides the user with an 8 in 1 video software that allows the user to professionally and easily make all sorts of videos and do all sorts of cool stuff without having to purchase several different video applications.

It also provides users with high quality templates for videos that can be used to create slideshow videos, animated videos, things like Instagram stories (if you want to reach out on Instagram), and any other type of videos that you want to make.

The software is  easy to use even for beginners to video making and its users can make videos fast. in fact, it has been designed to be simple to use so users don't need a lot of technical expertise to get started. if you are in the business of making videos to sell them to clients then you will be able to do so no matter what option you choose, we will talk about the options down below.

licence is included so you can make videos and sell them with the templates to your customers for quite a lot of money, so it can be helpful to internet marketers to make valuable videos rapidly and professionally. those who make videos for YouTube or other sites for personal benefits can certainly benefit from this as well, even if you don't intend to sell the videos after making them.

visit the official website

What is Video App Suite and who made it?

This video software is designed by Paul Ponna and his team. He has released software in the past that has become bestsellers and the same team was involved in previous successes. Paul Ponna has been behind successes in the past like: video robot, animation studio, Automation Bundle, chatter pal.

This video software is packed with eight apps in one software that can help you make HQ videos, save time, and money. and it is for the price of one.

Here is a video with a demo of the 8 apps that users who buy this software get. you can watch it and find out more about it.

What apps do you get?

Here are the names of the eight apps that the it provides the users who get this software.

1 - Intro outro expert app.

2 - cover pro app.

3 - live mockup app.

4 - slide machine app.

5 - Story Monarch App.

6 - White Border Apps.

7 - video ads architect app.

8 - custom video fx app.

You can go and get a more detailed description of each software app and what they do on the vendor website right here.

There are two different options to choose from with different features. the bigger and more expensive package is the business box.The option with lesser features is the Commercial option,

Here is the difference between them in terms of what they offer.

The business box.

This will allow its customers to resell the apps (individually not the whole package) and keep 100% of the profit.  as well as provide you with:

8 HQ video apps.

Make unlimited videos.

Video templates that are professional and customizable.

Commercial license to resell videos.

Resell the apps as your own software.

8 effective sales videos.

Sales pages that are designed to sell the apps (8 of them).

Resell to unlimited users.

Storage, maintenance and unlimited hosting of the apps.

The price: $67.

The commercial.

This offers fewer features but it is also a cheaper alternative and provides the following for a one time fee:

8 HQ video apps.
Make unlimited videos.
Video templates that are professional and customizable.
Commercial license to resell videos.

The price:  $47.


This video editing software is suitable for professional and recreational use alike. it is easy and fast to use and even a beginner can make compelling videos with it. it was designed by Paul Ponna, a bestselling designer.

If you make videos for your customers or for marketing purposes then this software can make your job a lot easier and more efficient and you get many great features packed into one and it is quite cheap to buy.

If you make videos for commercial, or marketing purposes and you what an all in 1 software that allows you to make videos fast and professionally that you can upload to social media, like facebook, instagram, etc. or youtube videos or any video for that matter, for yourself or for your clients then this software can help you out a great deal. you can sell videos to your clients and even sell apps (individually) if you get the business box.

And you get it for a 1 time fee. by now, you might want to go and visit the website where you also can buy the software if you want to do so. Simply click the image below now and it will take you there.

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