MailSniper Review: Is This Email Autoresponder Any Good?

If you are an internet marketer or blogger who needs an autoresponder to connect with your people and this email autoresponder caught your attention, then keep reading this MailSniper review through and discover what this is all about.

There are many email responders out there to choose from, some better than others, some more expensive than others so it can be confusing to know which one to go with, especially if you are new to this.

Email marketing is, however, one of the best tools in an internet marketer’s arsenal – it can make all the difference by having a large responsive list of potential customers, so it is well worth getting a good email responder service.

I have used aweber and getresponse in the past (as well as others) and good email marketing software tend to cost, especially if you want to send out to large lists of people, it can cost hundreds of dollars per month. oftentimes you have to upgrade your plan when your list grows and you need to send more emails out and the diference in prices can be significant.

In that respect, this is a great alternative as it isn’t that expensive and you can send emails to as many contacts as you want without any additional costs and without any monthly fees.

What is MailSniper?

This is an email automation software that allows the user to send emails automatically directly to their contacts inbox and the user can send an unlimited amount of emails.

Often times there’s a cap on how many emails you can get sent per day, or require an upgrade to a more expensive plan in order to send larger volumes of emails out.

This software has been made on uptodate technologies such as RabbitMQ, NgINX, Node and Js, which result in rapid and effective websites and delivery.

The Creators of this software areĀ  Sheryar Khan, and Dawood khan.
And it is (will be) available through

It includes email templates that have a good conversion rate and it also includes an inline editor that’s easy to use so beginners to email automation can use the editor to make their own emails compelling and engaging.

It is a email marketing solution that provides the user with everything they will need to set up and run a successful internet marketing email campaign.

Here are some of the included features for users:

  • You can store and send unlimited autoresponder emails to your contacts.
  • You can send unlimited broadcasts without any restrictions.
  • This includes a spam score checker which allows users to edit their mail before sending and reduce the risk of ending up in the spam box.
  • It is GDPR can-spam compliant so there are no spam problems.
  • You can export and import unlimited contacts so you don’t lose your leads. (the ability to export contacts is important should you want to use another email marketing tool in the future)
  • it includes email template ready made that are high converting that can help users get a higher open rate and higher conversion rate.
  • It includes drag and drop template editors which make it easy for users to make emails to send, even for beginners.
  • Security and regular back ups so your email campaigns won’t be lost.
  • And also, a step by step training in video format is also included so users can skip fumbling and get to the marketing.
  • The software is fully cloud-based so users will not have to install anything.

And there are many more features, I just mentioned some of the most important ones that are included in it.

Users pay a one time fee for the software so there are no monthly fees and that (to my knowledge) is unique, usually you would have to pay monthly for the service.

Who is it for?

email marketing

This software would be recommended to anyone who wants an email autoresponder that has good tools and is unlimited.

You can do the basic stuff that you would want an autoresponder for and more, but you will not be bound to pay monthly fees and you will not risk getting your account suspended since it is a software and not a service provided by a big email autoresponder provider.


Email marketing is very lucrative and it is an important part of any internet business, be it affiliate marketing, selling your own courses, or whatever you do online that requires customers. Having an email list allows you to instantly reach potential customers no matter what you try to promote. There is the old saying “the money is in the list” and that is quite true.

If you are a blogger, or internet marketer in need of an email autoresponder to start getting leads to reach with news or advertisement then this cloud based software can be what you are looking for.

By now you can head over to the web-site and find out more about the features of this software. You can also go ahead and buy it there if you want to do so.

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