Video App Suite Review:Video Software To Buy?

If you are interested in this video editing software then read this video app suite review to the end and find out what you need to know so you can make an informed decision to buy or not.
video app suite

Making professional high quality videos can be complicated depending on which software you use. and software for professional video editing can be quite expensive also.

This video software is unique for its features and also for the fact that it has never been released like this before. it provides the user with an 8 in 1 video software that allows the user to professionally and easily make all sorts of videos and do all sorts of cool stuff without having to purchase several different video applications.

It also provides users with high quality templates for videos that can be used to create slideshow videos, animated videos, things like Instagram stories (if you want to reach out on Instagram), and any other type of videos that you want to make.

The software is  easy to use even for beginners to video making and its users can make videos fast. in fact, it has been designed to be simple to use so users don’t need a lot of technical expertise to get started. if you are in the business of making videos to sell them to clients then you will be able to do so no matter what option you choose, we will talk about the options down below.

licence is included so you can make videos and sell them with the templates to your customers for quite a lot of money, so it can be helpful to internet marketers to make valuable videos rapidly and professionally. those who make videos for YouTube or other sites for personal benefits can certainly benefit from this as well, even if you don’t intend to sell the videos after making them.

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What is Video App Suite and who made it?

This video software is designed by Paul Ponna and his team. He has released software in the past that has become bestsellers and the same team was involved in previous successes. Paul Ponna has been behind successes in the past like: video robot, animation studio, Automation Bundle, chatter pal.

This video software is packed with eight apps in one software that can help you make HQ videos, save time, and money. and it is for the price of one.

Here is a video with a demo of the 8 apps that users who buy this software get. you can watch it and find out more about it.

What apps do you get?

Here are the names of the eight apps that the it provides the users who get this software.

1 – Intro outro expert app.

2 – cover pro app.

3 – live mockup app.

4 – slide machine app.

5 – Story Monarch App.

6 – White Border Apps.

7 – video ads architect app.

8 – custom video fx app.

You can go and get a more detailed description of each software app and what they do on the vendor website right here.

There are two different options to choose from with different features. the bigger and more expensive package is the business box.The option with lesser features is the Commercial option,

Here is the difference between them in terms of what they offer.

The business box.

This will allow its customers to resell the apps (individually not the whole package) and keep 100% of the profit.  as well as provide you with:

8 HQ video apps.

Make unlimited videos.

Video templates that are professional and customizable.

Commercial license to resell videos.

Resell the apps as your own software.

8 effective sales videos.

Sales pages that are designed to sell the apps (8 of them).

Resell to unlimited users.

Storage, maintenance and unlimited hosting of the apps.

The price: $67.


The commercial.

This offers fewer features but it is also a cheaper alternative and provides the following for a one time fee:

8 HQ video apps.
Make unlimited videos.
Video templates that are professional and customizable.
Commercial license to resell videos.

The price:  $47.



This video editing software is suitable for professional and recreational use alike. it is easy and fast to use and even a beginner can make compelling videos with it. it was designed by Paul Ponna, a bestselling designer.

If you make videos for your customers or for marketing purposes then this software can make your job a lot easier and more efficient and you get many great features packed into one and it is quite cheap to buy.

If you make videos for commercial, or marketing purposes and you what an all in 1 software that allows you to make videos fast and professionally that you can upload to social media, like facebook, instagram, etc. or youtube videos or any video for that matter, for yourself or for your clients then this software can help you out a great deal. you can sell videos to your clients and even sell apps (individually) if you get the business box.

And you get it for a 1 time fee. by now, you might want to go and visit the website where you also can buy the software if you want to do so. Simply click the image below now and it will take you there.

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