VidBox Review: Here Is What I Really Think!

This is a VidBox Review so if you are interested in this app then read on get this information about it because this might surprise you!

If you communicate with your visitors through videos on your website then you know that for example, youtube videos have ads on the video when your visitors paus it.

This is frustrating because oftentimes, they click away to another video before doing what you are trying to have them do through your video. It also looks bad when it obviously shows that you are using youtube. 

What is Vidbox all about?

This is an app that lets users customize their videos that they put up on youtube so that it looks more professional and to increase conversions and even calls when visitors the content that users promote.

It allows users to add social sharing options to your videos and even access to make phone calls to you as visitors are watching your videos.

It allows users to split test videos and track the conversion rates to find which ones convest the best.

This is a video software for marketers to skyrocket their efficiency and conversions through videos.

There are no hosting costs because you simply upload your videos to youtube but you can then take the link to the app and modify it so that the video looks better, more professional and add all kinds of cool stuff to it to increase efekt.

It also has a pixel in the video that allows users to track visitors with facebook and then users can retarget the viewers through facebook retargeting so it is very useful for users who advertise on facebook.

it also lets users autoplay videos when visitors land on your page. Some browsers don’t allow for autoplay but this app lets users have videos autoplay on mute, and if the person who lands on your website clicks the display of your video, the video starts over and unmutes so it is a slick tool if you rely on VSL to increase conversions.

It is very easy to use this, all you have to do is take your video link after uploading your video to youtube, past the link into the Vid-Box interface.

Then customize your settings for the video and how you want it to play and then post your embedded code of the video to your own website and it is up.

You can also add clickable calls to action and social sharing buttons.

You can also easily upload your own custom thumbnails to the videos.


VidBox App Demo.

Here is a demonstration of the software you can check out.


Who Is The Vendor Of This Product?

The name of the Vendor is Alex Costan

What does it cost?

The price of this product is $37.
It is now available through WarriorPlus.

Who Is it for?

Internet marketers who use videos for promotion and marketing.

Marketers who advertise on facebook and want to do retargeting on their video viewers.

Anyone who wants to keep viewers on their site and not leek traffic to related videos or youtube.

My Thoughts on it.

It is a brilliant app that allows users to do all sorts of useful things to increase conversion and get the most out of every viewer. It is easy to use and well worth the investment.

It will allow you to maximize your influence with your visitors, you they will not have the option to click away other than on a link that you provided, the YouTube related videos and brand logo are not there and you can instead add your own links like social media links or what you want to send them to.

I think this app is brilliant because it lets users modify their videos to keep visitors watching, or sending them where you want them to go, it lets users track their viewers conversion rates between videos, it has a facebook pixel that allows users to retarget their viewers with facebook retargeting ads, while at the same time hosting your videos with youtube. 


if you are an internet marketer and you want to increase conversions and track your viewers to do facebook retargeting later on, if you want to be able to influence your viewers to take action or follow you on social media instead of having the alternative of leaving to youtube or related videos displaying for their eyes, then this app might be for you.

It is user friendly and provides users with all kinds of cool options to maximise impakt and efficiency on each viewer that watch your videos, or have your videos autoplay even on visitors with chrome or safari browsers. It autoplays on mute but if the click on the video the sound comes on. It can drastically make your videos more effective.

There are no bandwith limits and no hosting costs involved since you upload videos to youtube.
By now, you might want to head over to the official website and find out more about it where you also can buy the product if you want to do so.

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