Virtual Entrepreneurs Association Review: info about VEA

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If you have heard of this membership platform and it has peaked your curiosity and you want some more information about this then you probably want to read this VEA review trough and find out what you need to know about this and where you can get a FREE trial of the platform.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners like us (if you are one), often need more money!

More money to invest into our business, more money to spend in our lives as well. And it is a known fact that what creates economic growth is not consumption, but savings and investing. 

When you have more savings, you also have more money to invest in equipment etc, which leads to more economic growth.


Everyday life costs money and sometimes we have to spend more money than we want to (or can for that matter if we are just starting out). If one could only get discounts and deals on things we buy on a daily basis, we could save more. And if we could get business resources for discounted prices it wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Well that leads in to my review of this particular product which (among other things) provides its members with discounts and deals on thousands of things, so let’s get to it.


What is Virtual Entrepreneurs Association about?

It is a membership resource and it is a community platform for entrepreneurs and home-based business owners that gives its members access to discounts, tools and resources to help members learn how to become better entrepreneurs and businessmen and to help them reach higher levels of their entrepreneurship.

It helps small business owners out with discounts on a personal and business level to bring down the daily expenditures. Discounts on entertainment, travel costs, dining and other things. So it is beneficial for any business owner.

Aside from allowing its members to save money on the things they buy and need, VEA also provides access to world class training, education, marketing, education material, business mentorship and community support to help its members to reach higher levels of success and benefits in life and business.

Who made it?

Daven Michaels is the owner of this platform and he has been an entrepreneur for decades and has started many companies and a few of them have been multi-million dollar businesses. He has had the best selling products out there and he is reputable.

What do you get?

They have negotiated 671.000 discounts exclusively for their members so users get save money (hundreds of dollars per month on the sort of things that you need and buy anyway).

Members can use discounts on business, shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, movies and stuff like business services and advertising software from reputable and big brands.

Here are some discounts members get access to.

500,000 Hotel Properties.
There are more than 55,000 Restaurants.
13,000 Entertainment Options.
35,000 Movie Theaters.
33,000 Shopping Offers.
35,000 Business & Personal Services.

save money

Including some world wide famous names like office depot, target, avis, budget, hellofresh and more and many businesses are providing special deals to members to VEA also.

members also get access to a large network of business owners and you get support like mentorship calls weekly, networking events, and a community of entrepreneurial people and that sort of suport can make all the difference.

Through the platform, members can get access to help like, getting connected to business loans, lines of credit and investors that can help entrepreneurs start and run their business so if someone needs a start up capital it might be the place to look for it. Members also get connected to other financial options inside the membership program.

Who is this membership platform for?

It is suitable for business owners of any sort of business since it provides discount deals for such a wide variety of stuff.

Anybody who runs a business could use discounts to reduce their daily costs.

Anybody who could benefit from top-tier business education and a community.

A beginner who needs mentorship and help to avoid the pitfalls that others have had to work through the hard way.

What is the price of joining the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association?

Try it for free for 14 days.
$197 for a year.
$97 for six month.


this is a membership platform that provides its members with hundreds of thousands of discount deals that can make life easier for any small business owner.

It also provides mentorship, educational materials and resources that can help you out with your business as well as a community to connect with.

Members can learn about entrepreneurship from high level business men and increase their own success by learning from others. And there are many more resources for the people who sign up with the program.

If you are interested in this then I would recommend that you go ahead and take advantage of the free trial while it lasts and see for yourself if you like it. If you do then become a member long term.

You can go and sign up for your free trial right here.

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