DocStudioFX Review: Here Is What You Need To Know

This is a DocStudioFX review so if you want some more information about this software if it is any good or not then read this review and find out more about this so that you can make an informed decision to buy this product or not.


if you are an internet marketer then you know that anything you can do to generate more leads is a good activity. it is important to have lead magnets to attract opt-ins but it can be time-consuming or expensive to get the PDF´s done.

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lots of people want ebooks, and documents that look good and they are willing to pay for them so you can sell things like that and make some income.

with that said, let’s get to the review of DocStudioFX.


What is DocStudioFX all about?

This is an AI-based software that helps people create, share and edit Reports, Ebooks, White papers, Magazines, and so on.

It comes with pro designer templates that users can use to create attractive looking files and drag and drop editor that have lots of useful features.

and with this software, you can take an ebook or report or magazine from the internet and you can rebrand the ebook and add a whole bunch of different things like calls to action in terms of, gathering opt-ins, adding share buttons so people can share it to people or social media, pop-ups to unlock pages.

You can add buttons for redirect so you can convert people into an email list or into sales from the ebooks and files that you create. Users can also create compelling looking 3d covers.

This is very useful for anyone who needs new content for lead magnets or bonus offers frequently and also for anyone who sells these types of services for people.

you can even make ebooks and magazines and sell them online and turn that into a business.

You can also add your affiliate links into the ebooks so you can make more money.

Here is a video of the software where you can see how easy it is to create your lead magnet using this.

What the product enables users to do.

Edit, create and share ebooks reports, magazines, etc.

users can quickly create, share, and edit high-quality e-books, white papers, reports even if you are a beginner to this.

You can rebrand documents.

with the drag and drop editor that comes with the software, you can rebrand documents.

Users can lock specific pages.

users can pick a specific page where they want to encourage people to opt-in to an email form or use a share button or redirect them somewhere by locking it. so it can build your list.

Users can add opt-in forms to documents.

users can include an opt-in to documents and set it up to pup-up while they are reading at a specific time on any page to get readers to opt-in.

Users can add buttons for social sharing.

users can get more likes on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and increase exposure, and maybe even go viral by forcing people with a “share it to unlock” feature. You can add buttons for sharing on social platforms.

Users can add buttons that are clickable.

users can add a button to click as an overlay on whatever page you choose to help you get a higher CTR for whatever you are offering.

Users can add images that are clickable.

users can add their own images and costumes made to use for buttons and then add the appropriate call to action for them.

Here are some more features.

Users can create attractive 3d covers.

Import documents and content from different docs.

Users can add affiliate links automatically.

you can insert your affiliate link anywhere in the document. It is an auto feature of the software that lets users replace multiple links/text.

Users can begin a business selling magazines, ebooks, and reports.

you can use the included commercial license to start what is called a gig on Fiverr and make extra income online.

There are more features than I mentioned here included in this product.

Who made this software?

the men behind this product is Victory Akpos, and Ope Banwo.
Ope Banwo was also involved in voicematic which is a software for building voice funnels.

What does DocStudioFX cost?

the price of this software is $47.
It is available through which is an online marketplace.

Who Is It For?

  • This software is for people who want to make money online.
  • Internet marketers who need lead magnets to capture leads.
  • internet marketers who sell services like these online.
  • online entrepreneurs who make ebooks, magazines, and reports to sell online.


Docstudio Fx could be the best ebook editor software for online marketers as the software allows users to do things with ebooks and reports and white papers that make them convert for you and that would probably be the simplest way to convert viewers into sales or build a responsive list of prospects that want to buy from you, and get viral traffic completely free and it can be done in any niche that you are in.

creating compelling lead magnets and attractive 3d overs that go with them, and then putting your affiliate links and social media buttons on the file and then giving them away is a surefire way to grow your list.

you can also start your own business of creating these and selling them to clients in places like Fiverr, which a lot of people do to make money online, but with a software like this that automates a lot of the stuff, it can make it very simple to run such a business.

I recommend DocStudioFX to any affiliate or internet marketer who wants to grow their list and increase conversions on offers.

by now you might want to head over to the official website and learn more about this where you can also buy the product today.

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