Funnels Kit Review: Is This Software The Right For You?

This is a funnels kit review so if you want more information about this software then you want to read this because my discovery might shock you too!

There are so many things that you can do as an internet marketer to run your business smoothly and it can cost a lot of money and require a bit of technical expertise to get all of the stuff done on your own. Setting up opt-in and thank you pages, building funnels, getting an email autoresponder software, building pages and the list goes on.

When you are a beginner it can get overwhelming!

I remember a few years ago when I started working online, how complicated it was to learn about email marketing and building web pages, software where expensive and complicated to use and it took time and effort to learn the fundamentals and get them done.

And even if you are experienced, you know how valuable it is to automate tasks and keep things centralised, time is money and it really helps to have software that automates things for you. With that said, let’s get to the review of of this software.

What is Funnels Kit all about?

This is a software and it is interesting because it is a complete system.

It is a funnel creation software for beginners and advanced marketers that lets users do all the fundamental steps to set up a money making business from within the platform and it is also easy to use, just drag and drop.

Users can create sales and lead funnels with the software with the drag and drop builder that is available in it.

Users can also create sales pages, lead pages and thank you pages and make them look cool.

The page builders that are included can be used to create any sort of page for users of this software and there are hundreds of different templates that you can use to make your pages and add important elements to increase your sales like scarcity timer, and custom forms to capture leads etc.

The funnel builder also has hundreds of templates that users can use. And it is easy to use it so it is suitable for beginners as well.

There is also a membership builder that lets users create membership sites and you can attach paypal and stripe to them and generate income from membership fees. There are templates available and the files are protected.

What shocked me a bit was the fact that users even got an email autoresponder included in the software! So users can gather leads and send emails to their contacts from inside the platform.

What users get if they buy this software?


Users get a funnels creation software that includes:

the funnel builder. This is an easy software to use to create leads and sales funnels fast and simple.

An autoresponder. The email system is included in the software so users can collect leads and send emails to their leads instantly from the platform this product offers.

A page builder. This lets users create lead pages, sales and thank you pages with templates and cool features.

A campaign tracker. Analytics and reporting metrics are built into the software so users can discover which campaigns are converting the best and track results.

The membership section. This gives users the ability to create membership websites with simple drag and drop methods. It includes templates and other features to make membership websites safe and lucrative.

Video library. Allows users of this platform to see tutorials and educational videos on how to effectively and correctly use this software. The videos are tagged so it is easy to search them out to see the video that you need to see.

Who Are These Funnels Builder Software For?

Affiliate marketers or vendors who need a software that encompases almost everything they need to work on a daily basis.

Beginners in internet marketing, email marketing and building funnels.

Beginners building sales pages.

What does it cost?

users pay a one time fee of $97.


This software is a complete system for internet marketers that lets users create and build funnels and basically everything that goes with a funnel, email autoresponder, page builder and lead capturing pages.

It is beginner friendly so anyone who buys this software can use it with ease to set up and run, and then grow their online business.

The fact that you only pay once, this can be the ideal introduction for you to internet marketing if you are new to this, it is cheaper that way since email autoresponders cost a bit of money and so does design software.

I recommend this software.

By now, you can go and find out more about this ath the official website where you also can buy this software if you want to do so.

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