Online Marketing Classroom Review: Here Is What You Need To Know

This is an online marketing classroom review so if you are interested in this then you probably want to read this through because my discoveries might surprise you.

(Make sure that you read this through, or scroll down to find my Link. It will take you to a free webinar that you can watch if you’d like to.)

This online marketing training program has tons of tools and resources to use to grow your business. That is true no matter if you are new to internet marketing or if you have been doing this for a while and have a business that you want to grow and improve your revenues and conversions with.

You can learn more from this internet marketing course in a month or two, then most learn in years of self-employment. If a person becomes a member of this internet marketing “classroom” they have total access to the things we will go through in this review.

The membership site is pleasing to look at, everything is laid out in an organized way with icons that are easy to identify.

inside the membersarea

inside the membersarea 2



You naturally find your way to navigate and get to where you want to go. The site is just designed like that. Users can find where to click to find a section that is beneficial for you at the moment.

About The Creators Of The Online Marketing Classroom 

creators of the classroom trainingSteven Clayton and Aidan Booth have used the systems, resources and tools that are talked about and described on the site to prove to be profitable in their own businesses.

And also in the businesses of their 50,000 members. People come and go and the newcomers with their individual requirements have made them tailor their approach to teach beginners and businesspeople in similar or identical circumstances.

So it doesn’t really matter if you are a newcomer or an established business owner, if you are on your own doing it yourself or if you have a team with you of 10+ or more, this site can help you grow and improve your business.

Reinventing the wheel is a waste of time so this website can save you from having to go through the trials and errors of learning the hard way. That would cost money, time, and harmony. Instead, it can put you on the right path from get-go so you have more progress, success and make more money in your business.

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The Labs


When someone becomes a member, they get access to Labs that includes:

  • How to build a business plan.
  • How you can sell your own branded products on Amazon.
  • How to create a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultancy to earn income from local businesses.
  • How to do affiliate marketing (which means selling other people’s products for a commission).
  • How to create and promote your own information products and get affiliates to sell them for you (called Joint Venture).
  • How to build a Kindle publishing business.

The labs are focused and they depend on what it is that you want to do in your business. And when you are inside the labs you will find that there are “cheat sheets” that lets you learn specifically about particular areas of marketing and business, what techniques to use, and what works.

There is also information that is rooted in professional business techniques that produce profitable results (and secrets so to speak). There are also webinars and software tools. There is information about tracking, forecasting, funding, and cash flow; there is information available about how to build funnels; how to make blog posts, there is information that users can get about paid-for tools and services that are recommended; a $40 million dollar launch manual and a commission blueprint evolution course. It is jam-packed with education, tools, and resources that can help anyone with internet marketing.




Tutorials are split into three main categories:

  1. Traffic.  
  2. Cashflow. 
  3. Conversions.

Under this category of traffic you can learn:

  • How to Create Income From a Membership Site.
  • How to Optimize your site for voice searches.
  • How to Build a ChatBot for Messenger Marketing.
  • How to Gain leads via n Viral contest.
  • How to Grow Your Business With Facebook Groups.
  • How to Sell SEO services to local businesses.

Under the category of CashFlow you can learn:

  • how to Double Your Productivity.
  • how to Grow Your eCommerce Business.
  • how to Grow Your Business.
  • how to Prioritise and motivate yourself.
  • how to Get Traffic From Google Shopping.
  • how to Accelerate Your eCommerce Business.

Under the category of Conversions you can learn:

  • how to Write a Sales Letter That Converts.
  • how to Grow your eCommerce.
  • how to create a Customer Profile.
  • how to Scale Your Business by Automating It.
  • how to get influencers to promote your brand.
  • how to Sell Products Using Psychology.

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The Community

If you have questions about marketing then it also has a Facebook group (private). There are people there who can give you support and the environment is helpful.



the tools

There are great resources on this site. Amongst the software offered on the site, this includes:

BlackBird – To grow your Amazon business. It includes 60 training videos.

Hawkeye – for either affiliate marketing or e-Commerce.

Landing Page Launchpad – This is to help you create pages with a high conversion rate or get people to sign up to your opt-in form (email list), or buy products, services, or attend events.

Viral Search Tool – to enter relevant keywords. Bounce Breaker – to collect email addresses or send people to pages.

Trustify Seals – to get seals that lead to more conversions.

Traffic Spy – a web analytics tool that runs off

Crowdforce – it lets you find popular Facebook posts and filter YouTube videos.

Domain of Fire – to find expiring or expired domains.

Ebook Launchpad – to create Kindle books.

Ecom Product Finder – to find eCommerce niches that you can enter.Keyword Blaze 2.0 – to rank and find keywords and your competitors.


There is also a section on “resources” which are some third-party tools and services. Most of them cost money and require membership or subscription but are fundamental and very useful when your business is active and you have lots of traffic to your offers. They recommend Aweber which is an email autoresponder service that lets users capture email addresses. Other resources they recommend and include are: Float Hosting, Optinmonk, VWO, AdEspresso, Clicky,, and AW Pro Tools.

Other Information About This Site

The site has things like case studies and challenges that members can partake in to have you increase the sales you make in a set amount of time. It has the commission blueprint which is a complete affiliate marketing training course and the outsource mastery. Which is a 7 module training.

There are news articles and interviews that are relevant to marketing and business. Members can ask questions in the Facebook group and members can also get support within 2 business days if there are any issues with software or membership. You can also have a look at the most recent updates to the site every now and then to make sure that you know what is new.

It Is Great Value For The Money

Having a membership isn’t just access to information that can help you make money online. But it provides you with tools, a software suite packed with tools that you can utilize and put in to practice to make your online business more profitable and efficient. It is a very practical and efficient site. This software has taken a lot of expenses and many years to create and it is available and shared with the users.

The thing the software can do is increase your revenues, bring in more website visitors to your site, and it can do so rapidly. Having these tools at your disposal means that you can cut out the costs of having these tools dispersed over several platforms and paying for several different services. You get access to tools that can track products, find niches for you, find buying keyword terms that are relevant for you, boost the number of amazon reviews and monitor your competition, and even more.


This could be the best online internet marketing training program. This site has an enormous amount of info, resources, and training material that is great for marketers at any level in internet marketing careers. I would recommend the online marketing classroom to anybody who wants to make their online business more lucrative and successful.

It saves you a lot of time and gets you on the right track if you are a beginner. You have so much information available to you in one place and you don’t have to suffer through the beginner’s mistakes. And you don’t have to seek knowledge and information all over the place. You can focus on building your business and making money using methods and tools that work for people.

Because it is a resource on the internet, you can watch any of the videos or webinars whenever you like so you can study and learn at your own pace.

By now, you might want to head over to the official website and have a look, there is a free webinar workshop replay that you can watch if you haven’t already and you can also sign up and become a member today right here.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website And Watch The FREE Webinar

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