PixieLogo Local Edition Review: Is This The Right Software For You?

This is a review of Pixielogo local edition so if you want more information about this logo making app then keep reading this review and find out what you need to know. I also have 7 bonuses available for you so make sure you check that out.

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logo making is big business nowadays! people make logos and sell them to clients for profit; they sell them on fiverr.com and other platforms to make money online, so if that is your gig, you might need an efficient and rapid way to make compleing looking logos to sell.

Or if you want to make your own logos for your own products or business instead of buying them from someone else to make sure they come out the way you really want them, then you can certainly benefit from having an app like this, so let’s get to the logo design software review.

Pixielogo Local Review – Who created it and how does it work?

The “Vendors” or guys behind this software are Daniel Adetunji and Ugoo Carson. Daniel Adetunji is also behind mailsniper and other products and has sold thousands of copies and people like his stuff. This time it is the local edition of a branding and logo design software that lets users automate and create stunning looking brand logo icons.

The app is easy to use and makes the job easy to crank out brand logo designs fast and make them look great, so this software is like a must-have for anybody who sells logos to clients and customers.

when you are inside the platform and use it, the dashboard is easy to navigate and user friendly, so within minutes you will get accustomed to it.

Creating a logo, you simply enter a brand name, and then you can add keywords, click next and you will get a whole bunch of different logo icons that are related to your keywords, you can choose up to five logos to customize your logo design and there are more logos to choose from then you can handle so you will not run out.

Any keywords you type in when you start working on a brand logo, you will find accurately arranged logos that are related to your keyword so it makes it fast and easy to get started.

when you have chosen your logo icons you will see a demonstration of the brand logo and if you would like to compare it to the other alternatives you can click on icon variation and select any of the other automatically create brand logos that you made and select the one you would like to use.

Next, you can edit the logo and the editing software is extremely simple to use, anyone can do it. You can change the colors of the logo icon and the text, change the font size, and make it look amazing.

you can change the font and make the text look the way you want and when you click on font variations you will see your logo icon in all the different fonts in a pop up box or you can see all the variations of your logo text and easily choose the right one for you so it is very efficient and practical.

you can also use things like t-shirt mockups; you can put the brand logo on a t-shirt so you or your client can see how it would look. or on a business card etc, the images can be downloaded as well.

If you don’t like the logos you have available from creating the work, you can simply do a search for the keywords and select the new logo to work with.

the software automates a lot of tasks that would be tedious to do on your own and there is a huge selection of templates and logos to work with.

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What users will get if they buy this logo design software

A totally cloud based App that is beginner friendly that lets users; Find Ideas for logo designs related to your own business and brand; you can make an infinite amount of different designs without monthly costs; It lets you auto-generate mockup designs for brands; create one or multi icon logo designs; Create infinite branding for your customers and yourself; more than 200 different fonts to work with; hundreds of different mockup designs for logo making; the ability to let your clients upload icons for logos themselves and to customize them and more.

It also provide users with 500 facebook ad and with 500 twitter ad ideas that you can go a head and swipe to reach out to business owners in your region (locally) on the internet to advertise your logo design business services to them and that way, get more customers and make money selling brand logo designs to more clients witch is a very lucrative business model and a lot of people make lots of money doing it on places like fiverr.com etc.

What does Pixielogo Local cost?

The price is $47.
It is available to buy through Jvzoo.

Who is it for?

  • Pixielogo Local Edition is ideal for:
  • Entrepreneurs who sell brand logo designs to clients.
  • Internet marketers who frequently need new logo designs for new websites or products.
  • Businesspeople who could use a branding tool to automate and speed up the work of logo making.

7 Bonuses You Will Receive If You Buy PixieLogo Local Through My Link

If you were to decide to buy this software today then you will receive the following bonuses after purchasing through my link. the following bonuses will get sent to you automatically.

1. 100 HD Animated Backgrounds with Developer Rights ($97 value)

2. Optimizer Pro WordPress Theme (Worth $59)

Optimizer Pro Theme has powerful features and lets you customize it easily. without having to deal with any code, you can customize each element. It has multipurpose and has been tested and tweaked for fast page load time and has a clean and secure code. it is perfect for all sorts of websites.

3. Mailster Email NewsLetter Plugin for WordPress

an easy to use plug in for email newsletter in wordpress. Make, send and then track your campaigns easily.

4. AccessPress SocialPro Premium WordPress Plugin (Share Website Contest on Major Social Media Platforms

this is a premium WordPress plugin that lets anyone easily share website content (posts, pages, images, media) on major social media sites and shows your social account subscribers, fans and followers the numbers on your website.


This is a really high quality graphics pack with 27 modules.

6. 176 High Quality Background Graphics

All of these background graphics were made by top graphics experts to make you happy! the come with top quality and dimensions for any of your purposes.

7. Killer Text Effect

Let’s Turn the Text in 2D Into Cinematic 3D Text only with a Few Clicks! awesome for Videos, Logos, eCovers, Heading, etc..

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f you are in the business of creating brand logos for clients or if you frequently need logo designs yourself then a tool like this is great value for the money because it frees up time for you to do other things for yourself and your business when you automate the work. it also allows you to scale your business and you can get even more done doing less work so it can make you more money. the software is easy to use and there are tons of designs, fonts and mockups to choose from to make stunning looking logo designs quickly.

To conclude this PixieLogo Local Edition Review, I recommend it to anyone who creates logo designs in their business and wants to create unique and fresh looking designs automatically, easily and without having to spend money on monthly fees. by now, you might want to go and see the official website if you haven’t already, when you can also buy this software if you want to do that.

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