Piano For All Review: Is PianoForAll Any Good?

This is a review of piano for all, which is an online piano course. before you decide to buy this training course then you might want to read this through and find out the information you need to make an informed decision.

I will include video demonstrations bellow so keep reading or scroll down to watch the demos.

woman playing piano

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My PianoForAll Review

A piano is one of the most popular music instruments used across the world to make and create music tunes. Many people yearn to play the piano so that they can make their music and explore their talents and hobbies.

Learning how to play the piano can take many hours and those who want to succeed must be determined to make their way through the process as they focus on the end goal. The learning process need not be boring and laborious as some people say.

The reality is that the process of learning depends on the course and program that one is undertaking. A well-crafted program such as the one offered by Pianoforall will ensure that you become a pro within a short time if you can dedicate time and follow the course outline.

There cannot be a better time than now to learn the Piano as it is now. If you are looking for an exciting and entertaining way to learn how to play the Piano, look no further than Pianoforall. It is a course that has more than 250,000 students all learning how to play the piano and keyboard online.

The online course comprises of e-books that act as tutorials on how to learn the plays, how to create musical compositions, and how to read the piano music sheet. Each lesson is made in a way that it is a build-up from the previous lesson thus taking you through a step by step process which eventually leads to you becoming a pro.

This is a video demonstration on piano for all that you can go ahead and watch right now, it will only take about 4 minutes.

What do I need to start with PianoForAll?

You need a couple of things to start off learning at the piano for all who are flexible with the things they require you to have. A piano or a keyboard is certainly a must because you will be using your instrument to learn and practice.

You can choose from the 61-key keyboard if you do not have any instrument or if you are not in a position to get a more advanced one at this time. However, if you are serious about learning to play the piano, you should have a plan in place on how you will upgrade it to an 88-key digital piano that has weighted keys as soon as it is possible.

The reason for this recommendation is that the 61-key keyboards are much lighter than the normal acoustic piano. This means that learning using this size of the piano may make it difficult for you to transition once you become a pro.

man playing a piano


Why you should choose the Piano for all course

The Piano for all website is well organized with instructions that are well detailed and proper download links. It has a good section on how to troubleshoot any challenges encountered during the learning process when things are not moving smoothly.

At the beginning of the course you will be offered clear learning materials as listed below;

9 E-books about the Piano- An additional bonus book will be given to you upon purchase of the 9 books. The books will take you through different styles of playing the piano, making music through chords, and various exercises you can carry out to perfect the skill. The book does not just have theory lessons; it offers practical methods that are easy to apply.

Video Lessons- You will be offered 200 videos that are embedded in the e-books to enhance your skills through demonstrations. The videos show you which hands you should use to play each key and the different ways in which you can produce the sounds you prefer.

Audio Tunes and Exercises- To start you off, you will also be offered 500 audio tunes and exercises that will help you become a pro in playing the piano. They are arranged in a way that you will start from the simplest tunes and progress slowly with more complex ones. You will first listen to the audios before attempting to play it physically on the keyboard.

Who can Join

Anyone is free to join the course so long as you have a passion for playing the piano. Also, you need not have played any other instrument because the course starts with the basics of music and advances further to the pro level.

Hence, you are welcome to join the course as there no restrictions at all.


The course costs only $ 39.00 and you will have an opportunity to join 250,000 students currently going through the course.

It is available through Clickbank which is a well-known and trusted online marketplace. it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Here is another video demo.


This is a piano course that has been around for some time, and it continues to be a bestseller in 2020 also.

It teaches how to play piano and it does so thoroughly with hundreds of video trainings and, ebooks. It includes exercises and basically, everything you need to learn how you can play the piano like a pro.

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning to play the piano.

By now, you might want to go to the official website where you can find out more about this training.

You can also buy it there if you want to do so.

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