The Lost Ways Review 2020: Read This Book review Before You Buy

This is my book review of the lost ways by Claude Davis. If you are interested in this survival guide and you want more information about it before you decide to buy it or not, then read this one among all the reviews, and find out hat you need to know now.

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The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways is a comprehensive survival book that is very timely in this time of pandemics and calamities and terrorist attacks and unexpected economic collapses.

This book is written by Claude Davis who had a grandfather who migrated from Ukraine to America before World War 2 and started a small farm in Texas.

Claude got the idea of survival economics and crafts from his Ukrainian grandfather who came out alive of a terrible famine in his native country. Out of a hundred families (approximately 500 people), on his street, only 20 people, including him, survived that horrific experience.

It was a man-made disaster. The government had confiscated all the grain and bread, the backyard gardens were uprooted, and the cellars were ransacked.

When Claude was able to spend three weeks straight with his grandfather, the old man was already nearly 90 years old but was healthy and sturdy for his age. This is the period when Claude learned how to build a root cellar and a storm shelter, make pemmican, lard, and ham, how to preserve smoked turkeys for winter in four different ways.

Claude always regretted not spending so much time with his grandfather except for these precious three weeks. He was busy with work and kids that he didn’t pursue quality periods with this man who eventually would ingrain so much influence on his life.

But The Lost Ways book is not only about the survival tactics that Claude’s grandfather taught him. Claude actually pursued other contributors to share their expertise with other areas of survivalism.

Claude realized not to take anything for granted. Any unexpected man made or natural calamity can trigger empty grocery shelves, ransacking of pharmacies or exhaustion of water supply. So he compiled all the survival ideas he could muster from his grandfather and other emergency mode experts into the making of the book The Lost Ways.

Ruff Simons, a former deputy and old west history specialist, shared techniques on how you can defend your home from robbers and looters even though your family is outnumbered and under-armed.

Erik Bainbridge, a Native American, who shared the process of building an underground house which serves as a bunker, a disguised hideout, and a storm shelter simultaneously, for up to four families. It can also serve as a root cellar to store food and water reserves for up to one year.

Shannon Azares, who handed down a 17th-century cost-free method for preserving clean water for your family that could last for years.

Mike Searson, who relayed techniques of hunting down animals for food with a minimal number of bullets or with no ammunition at all.

Susan Morrow, a former science teacher, and chemist, who contributed to the Art of Poultice. She will make us realize if there are no more available antibiotics, you will be thankful that you have The Lost Ways and saved lives through poultices learned from our forefathers.

And so much more primal instinct knowledge inside The Lost Ways.

The Price

Claude David designed and edited the appearance of The Lost Ways in an old classical style as if you are reading from a pre 19th-century book. If you purchase the book now and get valuable material for your family’s survival, you only pay $37 plus you get three reports worth $29 each.

The three reports are worthy supplements, to the survivalist premise that The Lost Ways by Claude Davis started.

What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard is the first report.

Find out about tough and healthy plants that you can grow in your garden and let your family survive the worst famine.

How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way Is the second report.

An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, an aftermath of a nuclear detonation that could wipe out 90 percent of the American populace. Methods are handed out here on how to never run out of food, water, and heat in the event of such a catastrophe.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System is the third report.

It is about building a cupboard applying the First in First Out premise. The cupboard can store 700 cans with the topmost shelf housing the newest cans. As more cans are added, the oldest cans keep on rolling up to the lowest shelf where they will be taken out and used. You never have to worry about expiration dates.

A $124 dollar value for which you only pay $37 total. Claude Davis even thought about creating a seminar worth $500 per person with all the stock knowledge from The Lost Ways survival book, but he persisted on publishing this incredible book because he believes that the precious survivalist knowledge from our forefathers should be handed down to as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost.

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